The results from the Gundua Graduating Class – second best day school 2014

The results for 2014 have been published and we are happy to announce that Gundua Secondary School’s Graduating Class came in as the second best in the whole district among the day schools! With an average result of 7.11 we were even just 0.1 points short from being the best school. Students, teachers and our headmaster were of course both very happy and proud over this result. It proves that Gundua Secondary School continues to be on the right track.

For four of our students the results were even more positive—this year’s Gundua-scholarship fellows. The Gundua scholarship grants will provide extra funding for continued university studies. This year’s fellows are: Alex Mathenge, 75 p (A-), Everlyn Kinya 72 p (B+) as well as Eva Njeri and Emanuel Lekaman who both received 69 p (B+). Our warmest congratulations to you!

Visits from Apotek Hjärtat and Intellecta

We recently had a very nice visit from the Foundation’s major sponsors Apotek Hjärtat and Intellecta. Bayram, Marie, Viktor, Lisbeth and Thomas traveled to Kenya together with the Foundation’s representative Johan Bååthe.

The first stop was at a neighbouring secondary school where Brenda Matete, head nurse at Gundua Health Centre, met with the female students at the school. The purpose was to talk about sex and relationships, preventive care, how to self examine for breast cancer and other relevant topics. The discussions were very appreciated and after a while there was no end to the questions…

We noted afterwards that information and dialogue around health related issues are some of the most important things we can do to create sustainable change.

The second day was spent conducting two information meetings with staff and patients at the Health Centre. Marie and Lisbeth presented the way Apotek Hjärtat works with improving its staff’s interaction with the customers. To see and meet the patient, to listen, to advice and create a caring atmosphere are some of things to inspire the Gundua Health Centre’ staff.
Viktor and Bayram then held two presentations around diabetes I and II for staff and patients.
Interesting and important, not the least because the knowledge about chronic illnesses and how you can help yourself feel better is very poor among the locals.

We also visited Gundua Secondary School and Gundua Primary School where we met with students and teachers. We then took a trip to the Ex-Lewa market, where many of the local inhabitants live. Housing is crowded in tin sheds – children, adults and animals. Cooking, sleeping, eating and living is conducted in very dirty and crowded environments without electricity or running water, a long way from the safe and secure living conditions of Swedish children.

After a couple of intense days, we returned to Sweden. We could really feel the effects of our efforts but also the feeling that there is so much more to do. Thank you Bayram, Viktor, Marie, Lisbeth and Thomas for a great trip.

Water for the future Ex-Lewa

The inhabitants of Ex-Lewa, are, like those of many other farming societies, very dependent on water. Despite the proximity to Kenya with its melting water problems arise during the two annual dry periods. The harvest dry out, the livestock is starving and both children and adults have a hard time handling everyday life. Basic hygiene– cooking, laundry and washing etc – becomes hard to keep up.  The water shortage also negatively impacts the operations of our schools and of course Gundua Health Centre.

The solution to the water shortage is to drill a deep well to groundwater level that always can supply the area with fresh water. From the well the water needs to be led to different storage tanks and onward to designated areas such as Gundua Health Centre, Gundua Secondary School and Ex-Lewa Market.  Our sponsoring partner Apotek Hjärtat is starting a separate fundraising effort to support this project.  The Gundua Foundation has begun a joint assignment with the Kenyan authorities to handle the practical undertaking. A very exciting project that we will report back on.