Baby kit to all new-borns via Apotek Hjärtat

Apotek Hjärtat is doing a fund raising campaign on behalf of Gundua Health Centre. As part of the support program from Apotek Hjärtat different campaigns are undertaken to collect money for specific needs. Former campaigns have focused on vaccines for children, implants for women or drilling a well. This campaign is again aimed at children.  As many new-borns in Ex-Lewa as possible are given a start box with some of the basic things needed to give the child a good start in life–  a baby bath, a set of clothes, a hat, wrap to carry the child, a towel, some washing cloths.  Things that are taken for granted in Sweden but not at all common in the very poor rural area where the Clinic is operating. Thanks to Apotek Hjärtat and to all your customers who are supporting this campaign.


William Omwega – head administrator at Gundua Health Clinic

William Omwega replaced Delulu Upson as head of administration at Gundua Health Centre at the end of last year. During his latest visit, Johan Bååthe met with William to get to know him better and hear about his ambitions and plans to further develop Gundua Health Centre. William has many interesting ideas for the future. His focus now is to work with the Centre’s staff to improve routines and processes, to increase the flow of patients and strengthen the care of the patients. William educated both as a nurse and health administrator with a solid background and experience from health care both in Kenya and abroad. A heart felt Welcome to William!


New term has started at Gundua Secondary

The school is in full swing after the holiday season. On the first day three of our grant-students were present for the roll call. Winnie will soon graduate as a doctor, Walter has two more years before his exam in business administration and Douglas, our best student ever, who is studying to become a civil engineer. They all made an inspirational speech each and told the students about the importance to study and what a fantastic school they belong to and encourage everyone to work hard and take the chance to get a Gundua Grant. At the beginning of March, the results from the the final exams will be published and that is also when the new stipends will be announced. Until then it is busy times at the school.