Water for the future Ex-Lewa

The inhabitants of Ex-Lewa, are, like those of many other farming societies, very dependent on water. Despite the proximity to Kenya with its melting water problems arise during the two annual dry periods. The harvest dry out, the livestock is starving and both children and adults have a hard time handling everyday life. Basic hygiene– cooking, laundry and washing etc – becomes hard to keep up.  The water shortage also negatively impacts the operations of our schools and of course Gundua Health Centre.

The solution to the water shortage is to drill a deep well to groundwater level that always can supply the area with fresh water. From the well the water needs to be led to different storage tanks and onward to designated areas such as Gundua Health Centre, Gundua Secondary School and Ex-Lewa Market.  Our sponsoring partner Apotek Hjärtat is starting a separate fundraising effort to support this project.  The Gundua Foundation has begun a joint assignment with the Kenyan authorities to handle the practical undertaking. A very exciting project that we will report back on.


New administrator for Gundua at location in Kenya – Delulu Upson

As of January 1st 2015, we have a new administrator for Gundua Foundation locally in Kenya – Delulu Upson. Delulu is from Kenya and comes with extensive experience from administration, accounting and human resources. Delulu will work half-time with the schools and Gundua Health Centre in collaboration with Charlie Dyer and Sara Spendrup at location. Delulu reports to Johan Bååthe at the Foundation’s Headquarters in Sweden. Welcome Delulu!


Further expansion of Gundua Primary School

With the help of new external funding, the Gundua Foundation has taken steps to continue its investments in Gundua Primary School. The efforts to upgrade all the classrooms to a better standard are already under way. New windows, renovation of floors and walls as well as painting and general improvement are included.  Since the class-rooms are being renovated, part of the teaching is taking place outdoors to start with.

All students will get the Gundua School Uniform and we are replacing the old benches with brand new ones. The restoration also includes external repainting, putting in electricity lines to support future computers and produce official name plates Gundua Primary School. In view of the fantastic 2014 outcome it feels only natural to be able to support students and teacher with a better and more inspiring teaching environment.