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This is where it all started.

The Gundua Foundation aims to help improve reading and writing skills and the general educational level in the developing countries.

These are prerequisites for democracy and good living standards. The Foundation works primarily through concrete efforts in education, starting in Africa.

Giving children and young people the chance to go to school and to receive a proper education is one of the most important tasks of any society. Education is a win-win situation whether you see it as an investment in economic growth and increased wellbeing, as a powerful tool against poverty, social prejudices and forms of extremism, or the individual level, where education gives people substantially better possibilities for getting a job and being able to support themselves.

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Would you like to support the Gundua Foundation? Please contact Richard Ohlson on +46 10 212 20 00, or by e-mail: richard.ohlson@intellecta.se

Donation from Sweden

Bankgiro: 900-2163

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Swish: 123 900 21 63

Donations from abroad

Bank: Swedbank


IBAN: SE4180000816619036731090

Account number: 81661-903 673 109-0

The Crown Princess

H.K.H. Crown Princess Victoria is a committed patron of the Gundua Foundation. The Crown Princess takes her assignment very seriously and looks forward to continuing the work with the foundation’s investment in education and health care in Ex-Lewa.


– I am involved in a number of foundations and charities, and many of them involve working with children. It is impossible not to be inspired by my mother, who always has been a driving force for the World Childhood Foundation. The purpose – to improve the conditions for prosperity and democracy in poor countries through concrete investment in education – is naturally very urgent. The foundation could present a thorough and concrete plan for its first first project, the school in Ex-Lewa, Kenya. That is why I chose to accept the patronage of Gundua Foundation.

Almost ten years have passed since the idea for the foundation was first conceived, and I have had the pleasure to be its Patron from the start. It has been both inspiring and instructive to follow the development and see what a difference a Swedish non-profit initiative can do in so many children’s lives. The inauguration of Gundua Secondary School 2009 is a fond memory, with happiness, hope and optimism mixed with immense pride in the local traditions.

Since then, the Foundation has developed into a small school system. Soon after the start of Gundua Secondary School, which provides education at secondary school level, it was clear that the students’ basic skills needed to be strengthened in order to benefit fully from the program. The Foundation therefore decided to also engage in education at the primary level. Two primary schools in the area have subsequently been included.

Results at Gundua Secondary School now rank among the best in the region. Over 750 students have finished school and more than 600 are currently studying at primary and secondary school. A dozen students have gone on to higher education. Others have started their own businesses and are now involved in developing the region.

One of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals was that every child in the world would be able go to school and have the opportunity to complete a primary education by 2015. This unfortunately did not happen. But still, development has come a long way. Large parts of Africa have entered a dynamic phase of development, and in the places where there are no ongoing wars and other conflicts, schooling and literacy have increased.

When Gundua Foundation was founded more than 45 million African children were not in school. And more than 140 million left school without being able to read and write. Today it looks much better. It is a hopeful development, where our engagement in Ex-Lewa has contributed as an important piece of the puzzle.

Together, we have learned a lot along the way and are well prepared for the next step. We are ready to work with new partners to establish more projects to support children in other similar areas.

Our main sponsors are Intellecta, initiator and founder of the foundation, Apotek Hjärtat and Ikea.


Intellecta AB is the initiator, founder and main sponsor of the Gundua Foundation.

Intellecta is a leading communications group with about 560 employees in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine, USA, Brazil, China and Vietnam


Apotek Hjärtat

Apotek Hjärtat is the largest independent pharmacy chain in Sweden.

Hjärtat is one of the most important sponsors to the Gundua Foundation and has been instrumental in increasing the standard of health care for the people in Ex-Lewa through its generous donations and engagement in the Gundua Health Centre.



Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA Foundation and IKEA AB are the main sponsors to the educational part of Gundua Foundation.

Their generous donations have allowed for major improvements at the three schools currently in the Foundation’s program, such as new class rooms, renovations, new benches, furniture, literature and other educational material needed




Latest news

Gundua Foundation

Apotek Hjärtat are visiting the Health Centre!

Tomorrow, Friday 26th, representatives from one of Gundua Foundation’s benefactors Apotek Hjärtat are arriving in Ex-Lewa for one of their recurring visits to the Health Centre. The topic of this visit is women’s rights and health, an important subject with many benefits.


Gundua Foundation

New year, new progress!

A new year has begun and with it a new school term. A perfect moment to yet again stress the importance of education for the wellbeing of the human race, never better expressed than through one of Hans Rosling’s inspiring talks.


Gundua Foundation

Gifts that last a lifetime

The world has felt a little different in 2017. That is why making a difference for good is all the more important these days. It is an ever-lasting privilege for us to send our Christmas gift to Gundua Secondary School in Ex-Lewa, Kenya. After 12 years, we are still amazed we are able to support more than 500 school children in pursuing their dreams and ambitions.