The pharmacy Hjärtat launches campaign to help of Gundua

The Pink Ribbon Campaign stretches all the way to Kenya.

All of the pharmacy’s customers can now contribute to women’s health– in Sweden and in Kenya. During the month of October the pharmacy Hjärtat’s focus is on the most common female cancer illnesses. We are promoting BRO’s Pink Ribbon and reflectors in a the campaign to fight breast cancer and we also encourage our club members to donate their bonus points to help the women in Gundua, Kenya.

The Pharmacy Hjärtat supports The National Breast Cancer Organization (BRO) in Sweden and sells the BRO Pink Ribbon and reflectors during the whole month of October. Breast cancer is now an issue even far away from Sweden.

– At the Pharmacy Hjärtat we stand behind our commitment to Gundua and the people of Ex-Lewa, a small village in northern Kenya. Cancer is one of the main reasons for death here and among the women, breast- and cervical cancer are the predominating illnesses, says Annika Svedberg, Head of the Pharmacists at Apotek Hjärtat.

Gundua Health Center’s objective is to save more women’s lives and one way is to offer pregnant women mammography and smear tests. In Kenya cancer diagnoses are often set in a very late stage which is why it is important that more women can come to the examinations in order to get the correct treatment as early as possible. Please read more (in Swedish only) at:

Official name change to Gundua Primary School

To create better conditions for the students to move on to high school education, more support is needed also at Primary level. Gundua Foundation has therefore for many years helped and supported the primary school neighbouring Gundua Secondary School with different support investments.

For instance, we have built better toilets, made small improvements to the class-rooms, donated computers and supported the school with some money to run it more efficiently. The students eat in the Gundua Foundation’s main dining hall and they also have scheduled access to our computer room. Many of the students graduating from Primary school continue onwards to our school for high school education, and the results are improving every year.

Our support to Gundua Primary has been much appreciated by the local village and the school has now finally officially been transformed into a Gundua School, and thus it changes names to Gundua Primary School.  We are very happy about this, it makes it possible for us to continue to support the school and the students. Next on the priority list are new school uniforms and books as well as a major renovation of the premises with new floors, benches and an additional class-room.

Welcome Gundua Primary School to the Gundua family!