The Gundua Secondary Day School officially opened by Crown Princess Victoria!

With great joy, song, dance and hurrahs, the school was officially opened on 12 November 2009. After a guided tour of the school, Crown Princess Victoria held an inspiring speech and cut the ribbon around the monument created to mark the opening. Also in attendance were the board of directors, the Swedish ambassador to Kenya, the local school management, representatives of the church, local government and the Kenyan School Ministry. Together with the students, parents, teachers and many supporters, the inauguration was a fantastic milestone for the project and for everyone who has been involved in building Gundua Secondary Day School.

Time to inaugurate Gundua Secondary School

On 12 November, Gundua Secondary School in Ex-Lewa, Kenya, will be formally opened in the presence of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria, guardian of the Gundua Foundation. She will be joined by the Swedish ambassador to Kenya, Ann Dismorr. Also attending will be representatives from Intellecta, who are responsible for the arrangements: Richard Ohlson (chairman of the board), Lars Peder Hedberg (board member) and Johan Bååthe (project manager).

“It has been wonderful to see the project develop over these last two years, and it is fantastic to be standing in front of the actual result, which we have all devoted so much effort and enthusiasm to accomplishing,” says Richard Ohlson.

“Our ambition is to continue the development of the day school in Ex-Lewa, creating a model for similar projects in Kenya, other African countries, and other parts of the world.”

The school can accommodate 320 students, who will have the possibility of education at low fees. In addition to classrooms, the school buildings include a laboratory, a refectory, toilets and a library. Modern teaching methods will help to ensure the students’ knowledge benefits the local area.

For more information, please contact:
Richard Ohlson, Managing Director and CEO Intellecta AB
Chairman of the Gundua Foundation
Tel: +46 709 75 99 11

Charles Dyer
Project representative in Ex-Lewa, Kenya
Tel: +25 4722 559 596