Sponsor a Gundua bicycle or donate a gift certificate

The children in the Gundua School often have to walk long distances to get to and from school. To help them make the trip easier we’re now planning to invest in bicycles that the children can use during their school years. We need your help in making this happen.

In return, your name will be on a bicycle that will be running for many years on the Kenyan roads.
All you need to do is to transfer SEK 650 to Postal Giro number 90 02 16-3. Write “Bicycle” in the text field, and the name you would like to appear on the bicycle.

Would you like to give a gift certificate instead?
In that case, transfer SEK 650 to Postal Giro 90 02 16-3, the Gundua Foundation.
Write the name of the recipient of the gift certificate, for example “Anna Andersson”.
We will then send you the gift certificate (normally within five working days).
If you make your payment via the Internet, we automatically get your address. Otherwise, please note your address on the payment slip.

If you wish to donate money but without a gift certificate, please write “no gift certificate” on your payment slip.

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